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That TheGameCon does not charge extra for events and activities, your pass covers everything from panels, autographs, contests, tournaments, and more! Get Your Pass Today!

New! Active Gaming

Included in all Tickets

Enjoy games like Human Checkers, Pool Noodle Jousting, Black Out MarcoPolo and more while playing to win cool gaming gear and TheGameCon swag!

New! Role Playing Games

Included in all Tickets

Jump out of the computer and join in on in-person Role Playing Games like DnD, Call of Cthulhu, and other fantasy based Role Playing Games!

Smash Bros Tournament

Included in all Tickets

The SMASH Bros tournament is one of the most popular areas at TheGameCon! We are tripling its size to accommodate for more players and more consoles!

Hearthstone Tournament

Included in all Tickets

This tournament will take place in the PC Arcade located in the Exhibit Hall. Matches will take place on both Saturday and Sunday with the finals taking place Sunday afternoon. All attendees are welcome to participate!

PC Gaming Arcade

Included in all Tickets

Enjoy pre-loaded gaming computers with some of the top indie titles in the industry, sit down, relax, and game with other attendees!

Retro Gaming Arcade

Included in all Tickets

The Retro Arcade is a place where attendees can go back in time and play on first gen, and older consoles. Some include the NES, GameCube, and old Atari Systems! We also have a wide array of Retro Arcade Style Machines such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Jurassic Park, Hoop Fever, and many more!

Table Top Gaming

Included in all Tickets

Table top games are a good way to unwind and enjoy some old fashion competition with your friends. We have a Gaming Library that consists of Catan, King of Tokyo, Boss monster, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, Fluxx just to name a few. This area is proudly sponsored by Ettin Games and Hobbies!

Panels/ Workshops

Included in all Tickets

Panels are a great way to learn more about gaming, videos, livestreaming, development, etc. Panel topics to be announced when official schedule is released.

Mini Contests/ Tournaments

Included in all Tickets

TheGameCon will house many miniature contests and tournaments for popular console and PC games. Some titles include Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, Marvel v Capcom 2, Rivals of Aether, CS:GO, and many more! Contests will take place both Saturday and Sunday!

Laser Tag Area

Included in all Tickets

The Laser tag area sponsored by Houston Party Rentals provides countless hours of fun for all attendees! Compete in Laser tag games in a life-sized alien spaceship. This is one activity you will not want to miss!

Console Island

Included in all Tickets

Enter Console Island and find a wide array of console machines and several old and new games to pick from. You may event see some of our Top VIP's playing games in this area!

Autograph/ Signing Sessions

Included in all Tickets

If you have been watching videos on YouTube or Twitch, now you can meet these incredible people and get their autographs! Stay tuned for the details on who is coming to TheGameCon 2016!s

Exhibit Hall

Included in all Tickets

The exhibit hall will have merchandise you can purchase, exhibitors to visit and purchase products. The exhibit hall is also home to the PVP and Minecraft™ building contests and the Gaming Arcade.

Parent Zone

Included in all Tickets, must be 21+

Parents need a place to kick back, drink some coffee and relax from the noise of TheGameCon. Couches and comfy chairs will fill the room so you can take a load off and relax.


Included in all Tickets

Cosplay as your favorite gaming charactor, and event get the chance to win some cool gaming gear at our official cosplay contest!

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